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- - - Space Defenders - - -

Space Defenders is a 2D Gestion Tower Defense game made in a University project.

It was done by 4 people using the Godot Engine.

You are the defender of the galaxy and must defend planets against aliens.
You will choose a race to defend to keep your relation with them and gain technology point.
If one of the relation goes down to 0, you loose.
Your goal is to survive until the wave 10.
(it's a project made a long time ago so sorry if it's not very polish)


Space Defenders.zip 23 MB


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Hey there! I wanted to test out your game, but I couldn't open it! It showed the following error: 

"Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing? If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension)."

Hope this helps and good luck!

Hey !

Thanks for the bug report !
I fixed the exe :)